Baker's Imperial-Pigeon

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical moist montanes. It is threatened by habitat loss.

The Baker's Imperial-Pigeon is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

Baker's Imperial-pigeon, Vanuatu Mountain-pigeon Ducula basilica halmahera keisertuvi Cinnamon-bellied Imperial-pigeon, Cinnamon-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Moluccan Rufous-bellied Fruit Pigeon, Pink-headed Fruit-pigeon, Rufous-bellied Imperial-pigeon*, Basilica Pigeon Ducula bicolor valge-keisertuvi Pied Imperial-pigeon, Pied Imperial Pigeon, White Imperial-pigeon, Nutmeg Imperial-pigeon, Nutmeg Pigeon*, White Fruit-pigeon Ducula brenchleyi purpurrind-keisertuvi Chestnut-bellied Imperial-pigeon, Chestnut-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Chestnut-bellied Pigeon Ducula carola More

Order : Columbiformes
Family : Columbidae
Genus : Ducula
Species : bakeri
Authority : (Kinnear, 1928)