Greater Painted Snipe

Medium-sized, plump wading bird. Long reddish-brown bill, slightly decurved at tip, and distinct white or pinkish eye patch. Rounded, buff-spotted wings and short tail. White of breast extends up around top of folded wing. The Painted Snipe is not related to the true snipes and differs from them in habits, flight and appearance, being far more colorful and having longer legs than the snipes. It is unusual in showing reversed sexual dimorphism; the female is larger and more brightly colored than the male, with the sides of the head, neck and throat a rich chestnut brown, and a distinct black band across the breast; the male is paler and greyer. The females court the males, are polyandrous Immature birds resemble the male but lack the broken dark band across the breast. Males are also known to carry the chicks to safety under the wings.

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The Greater Painted Snipe is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The female greater painted snipe has a reddish brown head and neck with a bronze-green back and wings. The male has a gray head and back spotted with gold. Both males and females have white eye patches and a white stripe on the top of the head. Young greater painted snipes resemble adult males. Geographic range: The greater painted snipe is found in Madagascar, sub-Saharan Africa, south Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan, southeast Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. More

Greater painted snipes are found in Africa, south Asia, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. The South American painted snipe is found only in South America. Painted snipes occur primarily in wetland habitats such as marshes. They can also be found in moist grasslands and along streams and rivers with vegetation along the banks. Some populations inhabit human-made environments, including rice fields. Both painted snipe species regularly move short distances to find appropriate wet habitats. More

The Greater Painted Snipe, Rostratula benghalensis, is a species of wader in the family Rostratulidae. More

Greater Painted Snipes, and neither is considered threatened by human activities. The Australian Painted Snipe has declined and is considered vulnerable in Australia, however. More

groups of up to 100 greater painted snipes have been reported. These aggregations may be the result of localized populations being forced into a small area of remaining wetland as its surroundings dry out. Both species perform short-distance movements in response to changing water levels, but in Australia the nonbreeding areas are completely unknown; there is one record from New Zealand at this season. More

- The Greater Painted Snipe (Rostralata benghalensis) is found in marshes in Africa, India and South-east Asia. - The Australian Painted Snipe (Rostratula australis) is a rare, nomadic and declining species found only in Australia (More recently it has been shown that the differences between these taxa warrant recognition at the species level. More

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greater painted snipes resemble adult males but have grayer wings and reduced, paler spotting. Distribution - Greater painted snipes are distributed widely through Africa, South and Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and eastern Australia. South American painted snipes are restricted to the southern third of South America. More

The Greater Painted Snipe (Rostratula benghalensis) is a species of wading bird found in the marshes of Africa, India and southeast Asia (Sulawesi). Its preferred habitat are fringes of reed beds along shorelines of marshes, swamps, ponds and streams. The Greater Painted Snipe is not related to true snipes, and differs in habits, flight and appearance. This is a medium-sized bird with a long reddish-brown bill that is slightly downward curved at the tip. More

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Order : Charadriiformes
Family : Rostratulidae
Genus : Rostratula
Species : benghalensis
Authority : (Linnaeus, 1758)