Cream-coloured Courser

Although classed as waders, these are birds of dry open country, preferably semi-desert, where they typically hunt their insect prey by running on the ground.

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The Cream-coloured Courser is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

One pair of Cream-coloured Courser Cursorius cursor laid in December in Senegal, the first breeding record for the species during the winter "October-January" period. The distraction display performed by this pair consisted in false nest-scraping, crouching and mock-brooding, as shown by Egyptian Plover Pluvianus aegyptius . body: Winter breeding and distraction display of the Cream-coloured Courser Patrick Triplet Pierre Y�sou Triplet, P. & Y�sou, P. 1994. More

Cream-coloured courser feeding chick© Bill Baston / Cream-coloured courser feeding chick© Hanne & Jens Eriksen / Cream-coloured courser on nest, camouflaged© Bill Baston / Cream-coloured courser at nest with egg and chick© Yossi Eshbol / Cream-coloured courser sat on nest© G. K. Brown / Juvenile cream-coloured courser stretching wing© G. K. Brown / www.ardea. More

Cream-coloured Courser on St Martin’s, October 2004 I was at Anthorn birding, hoping to find a decent wader. More

For the purposes of our bird news services, Cream-coloured Courser is classed as Mega: species which have not yet occurred in the British Isles or are exceedingly rare, or are otherwise highly desirable. More

Cream-coloured Courser - Adult at nest Photographer More

species is the cream-coloured courser (Cursorius cursor) of Africa, a pale-brown bird with white underparts, bold eye stripes, and black wing tips. The... Other The following is a selection of items (artistic styles or groups, constructions, events, fictional characters, organizations, publications) associated with "cream-coloured courser" * Indian courser (bird) Expand Your Research: Try searching magazines and ebooks for "cream-coloured courser". No results found. More

Aspects of the topic cream-coloured courser are discussed in the following places at Britannica. Assorted References * description (in courser (bird)) ...Charadriiformes), which also includes the pratincoles. Most live in semideserts, where they chase insects afoot; they can, however, fly strongly with their short wings. More

Cream-coloured Courser in Spain Photo of Cream-coloured Courser Population and distribution of Cream-coloured Courser in Spain News and information on Cream-coloured Courser in Spain English-Spanish-Catalan translation of Cream-coloured Courser * Cream-coloured Courser : corredor sahariano : corredor : Cursorius cursor * Birds in Spain guide * Birds in Spain news * Rural tourism and accommodation More

The Cream-coloured Courser that was present on the Isles of Scilly in October 2004. More

Cream-coloured Courser, France, Crau 12/09/04 © Julien GONIN The bird is with a flock of 7 Dotterel Cream-coloured Courser - Cream-coloured Courser, France, Crau 12/09/04 © Julien GONIN No comment... More

Cream-coloured Courser_IMG0395 - St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, UK. 12/10/2004 Cream-coloured Courser_IMG0392 - St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, UK. 12/10/2004 Cream-coloured Courser_IMG0421 - St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, UK. More

Cream-coloured Courser on St Agnes, Isles of Scilly 27/9 - From WestPalBirds: The big rarity news in Britain today is the discovery of a Cream-coloured Courser on St Agnes, Isles of Scilly, this afternoon. More

Order : Charadriiformes
Family : Glareolidae
Genus : Cursorius
Species : cursor
Authority : (Latham, 1787)