Chlorestes notata

The Blue-chinned Sapphire, Chlorostilbon notatus, is a hummingbird that breeds from Colombia south and east to the Guianas, Trinidad, Peru, and Brazil. There have been occasional records from Tobago. For Brazil, the species' range is along the main Amazon River Basin, as well as the coastal Atlantic Ocean, both in the northeast, as well as far south on the southeast coastal strip, . It is often placed in the monotypic genus Chlorestes instead of Chlorostilbon.

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The Chlorestes notata is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Chlorestes notata Blue-chinned Sapphire 32, 32a Chlorostilbon melanorhynchus ... Classification of birds of South America; Composite List: Discosura conversii, Green Thorntail Discosura longicaudus, Racket-tailed Coquette Chlorestes notata, Blue-chinned Sapphire Chlorostilbon melanorhynchus ... A Field Checklist of the Birds of Guyana: 309, Peacock Coquette, Lophornis pavoninus, MF, TEP, ? 310, Racket-tailed Coquette, Discosura longicauda, LF, U. 311, Blue-chinned Sapphire, Chlorestes notatus, ... More

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Order : Apodiformes
Family : Trochilidae
Genus : Chlorestes
Species : notata
Authority : (G. C. Reich, 1793)