Georgian Teal

The Yellow-billed Pintail has a brown head and neck. The bill is yellow with a black tip and a black stripe down the middle. The tail is brownish and pointed. The upper wing is grayish-brown, and the secondaries are blackish-green. The rest of the body is buffish brown with varying size black spots.

The Georgian Teal is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

female Georgian Teal were seen routinely at sea, on beaches, or on inland lakes throughout the winter. They belonged to the continental race A. g. spinicauda, whose nearest breeding area is at Tierra del Fuego, about 1000 km from Hope Bay. Snowy Sheathbills were numerous and 15 pairs bred successfully during 1979/1980. Although their density (7. More

known as the South Georgian Teal, is the nominate subspecies of the Yellow-billed Pintail (Anas georgica), a duck in the dabbling duck subfamily Anatinae. It is endemic to the large (3,756 km2) subantarctic island of South Georgia and its accompanying archipelago, and is a vagrant to the South Sandwich Islands. It was among the birds noted by James Cook in January 1775, on the occasion of the first recorded landing on South Georgia, and was formerly considered a full species. More

The South Georgia Pintail duck, also known as the South Georgian Teal, is endemic to South Georgia Island and is a vagrant to the South Sandwich Islands. The South Georgia Pintail feeds on a variety of marine and freshwater vegetation, including algae, as well as upon invertebrates, Anas georgica georgica, Grytviken Purchase A Print Of This ImageHow to request, purchase or license this imageAdd To Light Table Main Street buildings, Dechambeau Hotel (left) and I.O.O.F. More

Georgian Teal 1 was born 2 in 1855 in Ga. F viii Eliza Teal 1 was born 2 in 1857 in Ga. - Henry J Hopkins 1.Henry married 2 Martha Teal. Martha Teal 1 was born 2 in 1845 in Ga. She married 3 Henry J Hopkins. More

* Yellow-billed Pintail / Georgian Teal: Noted only on 1 day, Papallacta lake on 11th. * Probably the least expected bird was an eclipse male Pintail, being about 2 months early! * It was a lovely place, really, and we saw a White-cheeked Pintail which was new for us. More

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Order : Anseriformes
Family : Anatidae
Genus : Anas
Species : georgica
Authority : Gmelin, 1789